6 Symbolic Elements Composing Woongjin's New CI Means Endless Love, Woongjin Management Philosophy.

The symbol each of which represents work, society, change, organization, challenge and customer has familiar shape which anyone can understand easily.

1. Love for Work

Your willingness to work with joy makes a huge difference in your performance capabilities. Working pesasantly helps you take pride in and get satisfaction from the work that you do.

2. Love for Organization

Love for organization is to love and accept those with whom you are working. You love the organization by giving positive input and praise with your team. Be the one to open your mind first.

3. Love for Change

Without changes, one cannot be competitive. Change is not a choice but a prerequisite for the future.

4. Love for Society

Love for society starts from thinking 'Ours' rather than 'Mine'. You love society by sharing what you have with those who have less.

5. Love for Challenge

Love for challenge means challenging yourself for better future. It is to continuously think of 'how to improve' and make the necessary enhancements.

6. Love for Customer

We are able to maintain our business and you receive your rewards, all thanks to our customers. Love for the customer is to think of and care for the customer.